Training Package

Training Package


We know everyones’ lifestyles, activity levels, and bodies are different. With Resilience bundles, you can customize your personal CBD routine to create a holistic recovery that works for YOU. This is for anyone looking to boost their everyday health and wellness routine.

Save 25% when you purchase The Training Package:

  • ONE 150 mg topical of your choice (CBD Sports Cream or CBD Body Lotion)
  • ONE CBD Oil of your choice (Full Spectrum 300 or Isolate 600)
  • ONE CBD bath bomb (Revive or Recover)
  • 100mg CBD gummies (10 Pack) 



Designed to provide a full body recovery. When taken consistently, our oils may help with sleep, anxiety, as well as mental and physical stress. This is exactly what your mind and body need to feel your best every single day.


Our topicals are designed to provide instant, targeted relief. Apply either the CBD sports cream or lotion to affected areas and they may relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and leave you feeling ready to crush tomorrow.


Think pure relaxation, recovery, and revitalization. Take a soak with one of our bath bombs to relax and destress after your toughest days. 


Not only do we third-party lab test our CBD to guarantee the quality and concentration of every product, but we also provide access to every report for verification. (See Quality Control section of our website).


The perfect addition to your CBD routine. Designed for convenience, keep these in your nightstand, desk drawer, or gym bag for wellness, no matter when. 


We want to see your Resilience moments! Whether you take it before bed or lather it on after swim practice, share your photos with us to earn $5 store credit. 

DM @ResilienceCBD on IG or email some shots to feature on our social media pages.


Training Package

  1. Great way to try different products
    5.0 of 5.0

    I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I decided to buy the package and test a few different products out. Honestly they were all great, but I like the CBD gummies and sports cream the best. I’ve already reordered!


  2. You won me over!
    5.0 of 5.0

    I’ve tried a bunch of different CBD brands in the past. I loved these! I got the full spectrum oil, the CBD body lotion, the gummies, and a white bath bomb. The packaging was amazing and the CBD gummies were the best I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be sticking with this brand.


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