Ben Stern USA Pro Triathlete San Diego, CA

About Ben

Ben is a second-year professional triathlete with early success who’s carving his own direction in the sport. He is a former college tennis player, turned startup founder. Ben obtained his professional license in 2023 after racing 17 half and full Ironmans the two years prior, after entering the sport with no prior experience. His training partners call him “Sterdy” because his legs tend to hold up against all odds. Ben is coached by Ryan Bolton and is based in San Diego, CA. He enjoys spending free-time with his partner and dog and also enjoys watching the Premier League, spearfishing, and skiing.

What fuels your fire?

Long course triathletes are some of the toughest athletes on earth, and he is honored to have the chance to chase his goal of being the best in the country. He hopes to inspire people to take risks and try the things that society thinks they’ll fail at. Ben is inspired by the grittiness and toughness it takes to compete at a high level. He enjoys building things and becoming a better athlete is no different. It inspires him to work hard towards a goal and overtime see the progress which might not always be apparent on a daily basis.

Why is Recovery Important?

Pro triathlon is a grind: part of the game includes 25-30 hour training weeks with multiple sessions a day, having to travel to different climates and be ready to perform, or being able to handle the workload physically and almost more importantly, mentally. Being on top of your recovery allows you to push beyond your limits day in and day out. With proper recovery, you are able to stay healthy (durability is a skill) and continue to to have the mental/ physical freshness that is needed to succeed as a triathlete.

Why Resilience?

To be honest, CBD products weren’t really on Ben’s radar until more recently. He is always looking to try new recovery tools. He was intrigued and tried some samples right around when he was resuming harder training following his off-season. He could seriously tell a difference and was feeling fresher and his return to training wasn’t as painful as it normally feels coming off a rest period- this is a huge deal!

“I think there is a really untapped usage of CBD in triathlon and am excited to help advocate for a really awesome and more affordable recovery technique! Resilience really resonates with me since it is a company that is for athletes- they get the need for optimal recovery and are making products with us in mind which is much more unique nowadays.”

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