our goal:
to help as many people as possible

We know Resilience will change your life, and we want to give you the opportunity to do that for someone you care about. That is why we created The Give & Rise Project: after you make your first Resilience purchase, you also get to give a Resilience product of equal value for FREE to a friend.

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Spread the incredible benefits of Resilience CBD

Build a community that challenges you to push yourself each day

Help others overcome what once seemed impossible

Why do we believe in the Give & rise project?

1. We stand by the power of our products to help people rise to their goals. 

2. We believe that the strength of community is unstoppable. Not only do we want to help you, we also want to give you the opportunity to help someone you care about.

3. We know that together, we can achieve anything. By locking arms and challenging one another to be our best, the world moves from being an impossible place to one of endless possibilities.  


how the Give & Rise project works:

1. Purchase your first Resilience product.

2. Get after your goal and think about who you could share your journey with, or who could use support reaching their own goals.

3. After you’ve experienced the full benefits of Resilience (30 days), we will email you to start The Give & Rise Project. All you have to do is provide the name and email address of someone you want to see reach their impossible.

4. We will email your friend to join our unstoppable community. They then need to provide a few details and select which FREE product (of equal or lesser value to your purchase) they would like to receive.

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