“i’m truly amazed at what this cbd can do”

My body was not up to par with my brain. CBD was the gate into a new journey of my life. I’m rested, I’m focused, and I’m back to a routine working out 6 days a week, with only 1 break day. I’m truly amazed at what this CBD can do.

mario m.

“My longest run in 2 years”

2018 was my year to rebuild myself as a runner after knee surgery. The progress was steady, but I felt like I’d finally hit a plateau with my endurance that I couldn’t quite get over. I started using Resilience CBD every night and within a few weeks I found myself doing my longest run in 2 years, followed my more runs just like that and all the while not feeling broken down. It continues to be a key part of my recovery plan as I push towards running my first post surgery marathon.

Amanda B.
Endurance athlete


I love to workout and train hard and Resilience has became part of my recovery process. I started using Resilience CBD Oil and lotion a few months ago and have been loving every second of it. I can feel a significant difference in my muscle recovery and stress levels when using CBD. I also sleep better and wake up easier when I take CBD oil the night before.


“orange rise flavor beats anything else out there”

This Orange Rise flavor beats anything else out there! Not only does it help me in my day-to-day recovery, it also tastes great. Makes it easy to take on a daily basis; sometimes I’ll even add a drop to my workout shake.

jake s.
high-intensity interval training

“I’ve been using Resilience Cream for over a month now and it’s become part of my daily routine.”

Training is a very important part of my life. It has been for more than 15 years. But after that much time and finally in my 30’s my body doesn’t respond like it did being 21. I have to train a bit differently, but even more so I have to train smarter. I can’t just look at how many workouts can I do, put myself through so much wear and tear without realizing there will be too much pain. So I lower the volume, and focus on quality over quantity. That includes my recovery as well. I’ve been using Resilience CBD cream for over a month now and it’s become part of my daily routine. Aches and pains are inevitable, but anything that helps me minimize or mitigate them is a critical component to my success. That’s why I use Resilience products. I want to train smarter, longer, and faster, and I need a product that’s going to help me do just that.


“hitting personal records i never imagined”

This CBD oil is simply my magic potion! Im moving more and feeling better than I ever have. Every single one of my friends has noticed a difference in me and I’m hitting new personal records I’d never imagined I could.

sasha d.
general wellness

“best cbd oil i’ve tried”

Best CBD oil I’ve tried! Resilience has dramatically helped with my training and recovery time  stopping inflammation and anxiety I get from competition. As a triathlete, this means a lot to me. In addition, the flavor profile is amazing! Nice smooth citrus taste vs other oils that have an earthy, dirt taste. All natural ingredients which is always a plus. I will be using this daily from here on out.

liam f.
endurance athlete


It works on so many different levels. It makes me feel clear-headed and calm yet completely energizedthis CBD oil really helps me, especially during the holidays.


“my limping on my bad ankle has gone away”

This stuff works wonders. My wife and I are busy professionals and former athletes with former injuries that still bother us to this day. We heard of CBD and decided to start taking this to avoid any moderate to hardcore pain meds. My limping on my bad ankle has gone away and her back is so much better she can pick our kids up again. This doesn’t get you high or impair you at all. It just attacks inflammation in your body and I even feel more focused than before. Definitely going to continue to use this product like a daily multivitamin.

evan m.
endurance athlete

“i am so thankful for resilience cbd as an all-natural pain reliever.”

I set out to get back into my regular fitness regimen of HIIT, Yoga, and Barre four times per week. As a new mom who puts fitness first, I am learning and growing in this new body. My first few weeks back, I was so sore and in the past, soreness has kept me from moving forward towards my goals. So I decided to do a little experiment with the Resilience CBD Sports Cream. When I felt soreness and inflammation starting to take hold, I used the Resilience Sports Cream on 1/2 of my body and low and behold, I would wake up the next morning sore in the places I didn’t use the cream and ready for round two in the places I did use it! I am so thankful for Resilience CBD as an all-natural pain reliever. I truly believe it is helping me get better, faster and stronger every single day!


“it’s like an unfair advantage”

I’m an endurance athlete and the Citron Zest full spectrum oil completely helps me with muscle pain and soreness. No matter how hard I push myself, I recover quickly. I’m able to go harder, faster and get more volume in…it’s like an unfair advantage.

will e.
endurance athlete

“i’ve never slept better”

I’ve never slept better and I step on the mat with a sense of calm that allows me to focus on the sequences I want to teach.

Maryanne R.

“this stuff tastes so good”

Wow! This stuff tastes so good. It has a light, refreshing, citrus flavor. I’ve tried several CBD brands and this one is by far the best. I’ve noticed less anxiety and less feelings of being overwhelmed. I will definitely keep buying this and recommending it to friends and family!

chloe w.
high-intensity interval training

“reducing stress and helping with chronic pain”

“I’ve wanted to try CBD oil for awhile. I was spooked by reviews of similar products that lack actual CBD oil (just hemp oil), despite promises. I am so thankful to have found this brand on recommendation of a friend. This is the real deal. I’m on my second bottle and it’s a game-changer both in terms or reducing stress levels and helping with some of my chronic pain from old sports injuries. I’m a fan and highly recommend to others.

austin b.
team sports

“i wake up feeling refreshed”

I use one of those sleep tracking apps on my phone. Whenever I take Resilience CBD oil, I drop into way deeper sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed, instead of groggy. It’s a game changer!

emily s.

“i successfully ran my fastest 13.1 this off season”

I started using Resilience CBD Oil and Sports Cream during my off season in Triathlon.  Generally using the off season to focus on improving strength and one of the three disciplines, swimming, cycling, or running.  I’ll be racing my first 70.3 (that is a half ironman) in 2019 and really wanted to focus on improving my run portion (13.1 miles) of the triathlon.  Using the CBD Sports Cream and oil I successfully ran my fastest 13.1 this off season shaving  6 minutes off of my best ever time!  No doubt with continued use I’ll continue to see huge improvements across the board in all aspects of triathlon.

anna marie m.

“reduces pain in my most active joints”

I have researched many of the hemp cbd oil supplements on the market and Resilience has lived up to all expectations. I have felt less anxiety and increased mental clarity. Resilience has helped me maintain a better state of mind when feeling stressed, and reduce pain in my most active joints. I would recommend this hemp oil above all others, to anyone looking to feel better and think more clearly.

ben b.

“i recover from backpacking trips so much faster”

Backpacking is one of my all-time favorite things to do, but carrying around a 25 pound pack for hours and walking miles upon miles on tough terrain will certainly make your body ache! When I’m in backcountry, I’ll jump into alpine lakes like an ice bath to temporarily sooth my muscles and joints, but when I get home, I use this Resilience sports cream on my feet, hips and shoulders — and let me tell you it’s HEAVENLY!! This stuff seriously works wonders and I recover from those trips so much faster. It’s the best!!

allyson M.

“absolutely saved my knees and feet”

A crew of friends from my crossfit gym were running a Ragnar Race this past year in Zion — I wouldn’t call myself a long distance runner, but I love a good challenge so I decided to join. I committed to run about 15 miles, when the most I’d ever run before was 4…yup. I trained as much as I could, but never got out to trails (I live in the city). I’m SO thankful one of the guys on our team brought his Resilience sports cream with him. It absolutely saved my knees and my feet. I was starting to get a tightness in my IT band that had me worried about the last leg of the race, and this sports cream sorted it out like magic. I bought some immediately after that race and use it regularly after Crossfit when I’ve really pushed myself. It’s been a total game changer. I can’t recommend it enough.

logan s.

“provides instant relief”

Climbing can be pretty tough on the strangest parts of your body. There are all these tiny little muscles you don’t even realize you have, until you use them climbing. I’ve been getting really into it and going to the gym as often as possible, meaning I get sore in the most peculiar places. I found this stuff and decided to give it a try. I put it on my forearms and on the muscles around my shoulder blades where I get the most tightness and this provides instant relief.

john c.

“takes my recovery to the next level”

I love this stuff!!! I’ve been hearing a lot about CBD and tried some other brands before finding Resilience. This sports cream takes the cake by far! I’ve been working my way through a HIIT training guide and it was kicking my ass. I was loving the results, but wasn’t loving the added tightness and tension in my body. I would stretch and do yoga to help balance my training, but this sports cream takes my recovery to the next level. I’m so happy I found an all natural option to help me. It’s also lasted me a really long time – a little dollop goes a long way!

raegan t.
high-intensity interval training

“i really love their stuff”

Whoever came up with the idea no pain, no gain’ clearly hasn’t tried CBD yet. Ive been reading a lot about CBD products and tried a few other brands before finding Resilience and have to say I really love their stuff. I use this lotion in mornings after I workout – it helps keep me loose and not get all tight after being at my desk all day. I highly recommend it for people who have to balance their work and workout like me. The scent is also perfect and not overwhelming like other lotions can be.

elena h.
general wellness

“has become a staple in my gym bag”

As a climber, I beat up my feet like crazy. I have a love/hate relationship with my climbing shoes – they get me up the wall, but they terrorize my feet. I use this lotion before and after I climb. It’s been really nice and has become a staple in my gym bag.

caleb s.

“my best friend after long run days”

I’ve always been a casual runner, but this year I decided to run my first half-marathon. I wasn’t used to running so much in a week, and wanted to get something all natural to help with the sore and stiff muscles. I was also terrified of getting an injury because running is my life line!! I’d heard about CBD and did a bunch of research and was really intrigued when I found Resilience. And it really holds up!! The quality of this lotion is amazing and it really works! It was my best friend after long run days. I’m happy to say I finished my half, injury free 2:10:47 🙂

mia l.
endurance athlete

“takes my recovery to the next level”

I love this stuff!!! I’ve been hearing a lot about CBD and tried some other brands before finding Resilience. This sports cream takes the cake by far! I’ve been working my way through a HIIT training guide and it was kicking my ass. I was loving the results, but wasn’t loving the added tightness and tension in my body. I would stretch and do yoga to help balance my training, but this sports cream takes my recovery to the next level. I’m so happy I found an all natural option to help me. It’s also lasted me a really long time – a little dollop goes a long way!

raegan t.
high-intensity interval training

“i was getting tired of always being sore”

Everyone who has class pass, needs to get this stuff!!! I love trying different classes, but it me ans I’m working so many different parts of my body any given week. The no routine, routine is something that I love because it keeps fitness fun for me, but I was getting tired of always being sore and stiff. I’m an event planner and it doesn’t help me focus when I’m sitting sore and walking funny. I searched around and found this stuff and am so so so happy!  I put it on after every class on the areas that we worked the most, and then the next day if I need a little extra love.

caroline r.
high-intensity interval training

“great tool for getting into a relaxing state of mind”

I’m on my second bottle of this body lotion. It’s such a great tool for getting into the relaxing state of mind I need for yoga. I use it before I practice just to loosen up my body and honestly to calm my mind a little. It’s a really nice, subtle scent.

cliff h.

“smells incredible”

This stuff smells incredible!!!! Like a spa in a bottle. I love putting this lotion on after yoga — my skin soaks it right up. No greasy residue, just a nice serene feeling. Depending on what we worked in class, I’ll usually put some in that area. So if it was more of a hip-opener kind of day, my hips get slathered in this goodness. It feels soooo nice and helps prevent any soreness.

nat p.

“inspired to push myself harder”

I’ve tried other sports balms before, but this one stands well above the rest. Since I’ve had this stuff, I honestly feel inspired to push myself harder in the gym knowing I have this waiting for me at home. It’s really incredible how it quickly it works to relieve my aching joints and muscles. I also really appreciate how well it rubs in and doesn’t leave a sticky layer like other balms do.

Eric n.




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