Jason Henderson Navy SEAL (ret), BJJ and Judo Black Belt Virginia beach

About Jason

Jason is a retired Navy SEAL after 30 years of service.  He is also the Founder & CEO of Four Pillars Collective. Jason is an active competitor in powerlifting, Brazilian Ju Jitsu(Black belt), and Judo(Black belt).  He is a recognized expert in combative training for law enforcement and military special operations. He is also a sought-after consultant for various industries, especially in the human performance world.

Personal Philosophy

To be as strong as possible for as long as possible.

What Fuels Your Fire?

To set a healthy example for his young daughters.

Why Resilience?

This is a high-quality brand by someone I trust with my life.  I want to put the best products into my body and Resilience meets those standards.  I experience less aches, better sleep, and more.


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