Marcel Renteria Professional Baseball Player Nogales, AZ

About Marcel

I am 25 years old, and was born and raised in Nogales, Arizona. I am the youngest sibling of 3, and am a huge family person. I have a lot of faith in the man above, and do everything I can to be my best version of myself in everything I do. I played 2 years of baseball at Pima Community College, then 2 years at New Mexico State University. I was blessed enough to get drafted in 2017 by the New York Mets and I’m currently entering my 3rd full season. The goal and dream of mine is to make it to the Bigs and win a World Series!

What Inspires You?

Faith and Ambition.
Having faith in my journey and ambition to reach my goals is everything to me.

In your own words, why is recovery important?

The constant pursuit of pushing my mind and body to new levels is what fuels me. I love breaking past “limits” that others place on me. I’m on the constant quest on not proving others wrong but rather proving myself right! I love competition and feed off my opponents when they rise their level of focus to try and beat me. Pursing to be the best is what fuels me!

Why Resilience?

I chose Resilience because they believe in the greatest of human potential. As a professional athlete, recovery has always been the most important aspect of my game in order to bring my best everyday. Resilience is made for those who are willing to do everything that needs to be done in order to climb their mountain! As I push to max out my potential, Resilience is there to make sure I have more in the tank to keep on going.

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