Will Eaton Elite Triathlete Denver, CO

About Will

I am a Marine Corps veteran that loves endurance racing. I truly enjoy racing long course triathlons and typically race 3 to 4 half Ironmans a year. Outside of endurance racing I stay active and outdoors as much as possible. If I am not training I can be found rock climbing , mountain biking, mountaineering or in the backcountry on a split board.

What Fuels Your Fire?

I love to to push myself beyond what I think is possible.

In your own words, why is recovery important?

Recovery is extremely important to me especially with how hard I push myself and now that I am over 40 years old. The only way I can continue to get faster is to train harder and be able to effectively recover.

Why Resilience?

I trust the brand and the products. I have been using for a couple of years and the results are amazing.

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