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    6 Tips for How to Help Dogs with Car Anxiety

    Some dogs love car rides—the mere mention of the word car can send them into an excited, tail-wagging frenzy in anticipation of their upcoming wind-blown ride. But other dogs don’t have the same zest for the roadway, instead they cower at the sight of the car and flinch at loud vehicles while on the road.  […]

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    CBD vs Melatonin for Dogs: Which is Best?

    Shuffling feet, sporadic barks, a pool of drool collecting at your pup’s agape mouth—the signs of a well-rested dog are hard to miss. But what happens when those dreamy habits are replaced by restless wandering and nervous behavior?  Like humans, dogs may benefit from CBD products and melatonin, which may help ease your pup back […]

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    7 Key Nutritional Supplements for Dogs

    As you go on your daily walks, it may seem as though your dog is slowing down, they’re not as excitable by the dogs next door, and perhaps their hair has lost that silky shine that once made them the talk of the neighborhood.  If your dog is still young and healthy, they may be […]

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    What’s the Best CBD Dosage for Sleep?

    You plump your pillow, maneuver from one side of the bed to the other, and practice breathing deeply—in, 1, 2, 3, 4; out, 1, 2, 3, 4—then turn your head to the clock on your bedside table. It’s 2 a.m. and you still haven’t gotten an ounce of sleep.  When you don’t sleep restfully, everything […]

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    CBD and Cortisol: All Your Questions Answered

    It’s the day of the big game, and you start to feel the immensity of what’s to come—your heart starts beating like a drum, your chest begins to tighten, and you feel as if your brain is performing an acrobat routine inside your head—you’re dizzy, achy, and maybe even a bit foggy. The stress response […]

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    8 Facts About Sleep & Athletic Performance

    Endurance athletes always go the extra mile—whether it’s adding that extra scoop of protein powder to their morning smoothie or pushing themselves to hold a plank for an additional interval. But, one place where athletes often slack is when it comes to getting adequate sleep. While an early morning run will certainly refresh your mind […]

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