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    CBD for Sore Muscle Recovery

    Waking up sore is the sign of a workout or training session done right. The good type of soreness means that you pushed your limits in a healthy, stable, and effective manner. Now, the tell-tale discomfort is your body’s response that it’s currently in the process of natural recovery.  But sore muscles aren’t an excuse […]

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    CBD Oil Uses: A Helpful Guide

    The CBD market is booming. And for good reason. It seems every day there’s more news highlighting CBD oil benefits. Since it’s a growing market, there are more ways than ever to enjoy the positive effects of CBD products. Curious about the specific uses and applications for CBD oil? This helpful guide will cover everything […]

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    Level up Your Summer BBQ

    Level Up your Summer BBQ Wishing you a happy summer! Although our summer Saturdays may look a little different this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them just as much! Whether you’re cooking up a BBQ with your closest family and friends or keeping it low-key, we wanted to share a few of our […]

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    Your CBD Recovery Guide. To some, recovery looks like curling up under the covers with a good book. Others enjoy taking a nice dip in the hot tub…no matter what your recovery looks like, one truth remains: We all need it.  Recovery is so important, that we developed a full line of products designed specifically […]

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    A CBD Summer

    A CBD Summer Happy May! We’re quickly approaching warmer, brighter, sunnier days — and we’re not just talking about your health and wellness goals.  Although the world is still on pause and quickly entering recovery mode, it’s the perfect time for you to kick back in your backyard and enjoy some sweet, sweet recovery — […]

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    4 Easy Ways To Enhance Workout Recovery

    4 Easy Ways To Enhance Workout Recovery Recovery sounds like the lazy part of running, which is why so many endurance athletes skip it. We want to be taking action, moving forward and continuing to challenge ourselves. Which is why we have to start thinking about recovery as taking ACTION to achieve our goals. Running […]

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    Stress Relief 101. Unfortunately enough–stress has become a constant in almost all American lives. Whether it stems from career changes to finances to moving to battling everyday anxiety we’re no stranger to it and recently, rates of stress and anxiety have skyrocketed. In fact, between February 15th and March 15th, anti-anxiety prescription medications rose by […]

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    Stay Home. Stay Motivated.

    Stay Home. Stay Motivated Spending all this time at home has allowed us to slow down–but now that we’re entering the 4th week of quarantine and practicing social distancing, it can be easy to lose touch with our everyday routines.  Just because we’re home and not changing out of our PJs until 5 pm (which […]

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    What Really Happens to Your Body When you Workout?

    What Really Happens to Your Body When you Workout? You turned off that early morning alarm clock, got up before the sun, threw on your workout gear and got an amazing sweat in… All before heading into work. While it feels great to workout and even better when you’re finished, what actually happens to your […]

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