LeBron James cares about recovery, so should you.


Going hard in the gym, on the mat, or on the track is always rewarding. But are you recovering properly after?  Between LeBron James’s $1.5M yearly spend on recovery, Tom Brady’s recovery pajama line, and Serena Williams’ 7pm bedtime, this crucial step is not overlooked by the world’s top athletes. Keep reading to learn more about how recovery is actually as important as your training and for tips on how to up your recovery game. 




Here are the top 5 reasons you should focus more on recovery:


1. Exercising literally breaks your body down.

When you exercise, little tears form in your muscles. It is your muscles’ natural response to the added stress. This damage is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Typically, it will only last for 2-3 days and then you’re back to feeling normal again. So it goes away — no need to recover, right? Nope, In order to build muscle, you have to fully recover so they’re able to adapt and become stronger.


2. You’ll be able to reach your fitness goals faster. 

When you’re sore, you’re less motivated to hit the gym, don’t work out as hard when you do hit the gym, and you’re putting yourself at risk for injury. By recovering properly, you’re preventing soreness, allowing your muscles to build themselves back up so you can workout just as hard the next day.


3. You’ll stick to your fitness goals.

Because you’re able to get more hours in the gym, on the trails, or on the mat, you have the ability to build up endurance. Your body will adapt and eventually experience less soreness the more you workout. This will allow your fitness goals to become much more attainable. It takes 66 days to make something a habit. With less overall soreness and higher endurance, focusing on your fitness goals can easily become a habit.


4. You put yourself at risk for injury.

This one is huge for athletes at any level. Prevention is such a better alternative to healing, curing, rebounding, or rebuilding. Recovering fully after exercise will help to reduce any pain, swelling, bruising or tension so you can better prevent injuries before they start.


5. You will feel more mentally sharp and focused.

Recovering fully– whether that’s it’s through taking a rest day or tacking on a couple extra hours of sleep–will result in feeling much more mentally sharp, focused, and motivated. This is imperative for reaching your fitness goals. Afterall, no one likes a sluggish, tired gym session. Resilience CBD oils will help tremendously with sleep and overall mental clarity. Read more on how Resilience CBD helps with recovery below.


The CBD Difference

CBD is beneficial for post-workout recovery in many ways. The natural analgesic (or pain relieving) properties help to relieve muscular tensions caused by exercise.  As we explained earlier, exercising actually causes tiny tears in muscle fibers. CBD, a natural anti-inflammatory, helps to supplement your body’s inflammatory response to this damage and accelerates the healing process.

Not only does CBD help to attack the inflammation, but it also capitalizes on the time your body spends recovering. Sleep is incredibly crucial to overall health, but also, for recovery. While your busy catching Zzzzz’s, your body is in restoration mode. Your brain triggers the release of tissue growth, kick starting recovery. (Not to mention, you’ll be even more energized for your next workout)!

So in short, recovery is for everyone, not just the LeBron James’s of the world. Rise. Recover. Repeat. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to check out our Comprehensive Guide To CBD for Athletes, CBD FAQs, or feel free to reach out to us!

Michael TatzWritten by: Michael Tatz | Linkedin

Michael Tatz is the Co-Founder of Resilience CBD,  and a passionate leader in the health & fitness world helping others rise to and crush their wildest goals.  A former Division 1 college wrestler,  Army Officer,  and investment manager at Goldman Sachs,  he has pushed his body and mind to the limits on the mats, dressed in camo,  and in the boardroom.

Today, he spends his time leading Resilience CBD to develop the absolute best recovery products for athletes everywhere.  Resilience was founded after CBD personally impacted Michael’s life,  and the brand was built to partner with everyday athletes in pursuit of conquering their most difficult challenges,  rebounding after their toughest performances,  and rising to their goals that once seemed impossible. 

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