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A strength coach’s secret weapon to improve performance

A Strength Coach’s Secret Weapon to Improve Performance. 
Do you want to know a top strength coach’s secret weapon to run faster, jump higher and lift heavier? It’s not 3 hours in the gym, sitting in a tub of ice until you scream, or pushing your body so hard that you can’t walk up the […]

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The Infamous Mile 20.

The Infamous Mile 20. You’re training for a marathon. You’ve heard about the dreaded wall that many marathon runners hit around mile 20, and want to avoid it at all costs. Fear not, we’ll break down the causes and tactics for overcoming the mile-20-scaries for the best race of your life.

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CBD & Runner’s High

CBD & Runner’s High. Some people run to achieve a new personal record, while others run to simply feel good. Those “just to get it over with” runners reading this — you may be startled by the fact that you can actually get a natural euphoric high feeling from running. It’s known as the runner’s high […]

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LeBron James cares about recovery, so should you.

LeBron James cares about recovery, so should you.   Going hard in the gym, on the mat, or on the track is always rewarding. But are you recovering properly after?  Between LeBron James’s $1.5M yearly spend on recovery, Tom Brady’s recovery pajama line, and Serena Williams’ 7pm bedtime, this crucial step is not overlooked by […]

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