Everything You Need to Know About Our CBD Gummies

Everything you Need to Know About our CBD Gummies We offer the perfect mix of relaxation and recovery that will leave you craving more. The result? A balanced blend of phytocannabinoids, fresh fruit juices, and a hit of sugar, all wrapped up in a squishy CBD gummy.    Getting Down to the Sweet Stuff: Why […]

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A Full, Meal-Prepped Day of CBD

A Full, Meal-Prepped Day of CBD. We’re all about efficiency. That’s why we created this full-day CBD meal-prep guide that will nourish your body, reduce inflammation, and save you time in the kitchen. 

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The Infamous Mile 20.

The Infamous Mile 20. You’re training for a marathon. You’ve heard about the dreaded wall that many marathon runners hit around mile 20, and want to avoid it at all costs. Fear not, we’ll break down the causes and tactics for overcoming the mile-20-scaries for the best race of your life.

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