Pump-kin it up CBD Smoothie


It’s officially October, and that means Pumpkin Spice Season. While this is a popular food trend every year autumn rolls around, pumpkin actually has some great benefits. 

We’ve created a protein packed, pumpkin spice CBD smoothie you can trade in your PSL for. Packed with vitamin A, antioxidants, and inflammation fighting CBD, this is the perfect way to spice up those brisk autumn workouts!

*Yields about one large smoothie

Pumpkin is abundant in vitamin A, which supports your immune system, bone health, eyes, and skin. It’s also high in antioxidants that stop free radicals in your body from attacking cells. This can reduce your risk of chronic diseases, sun damage, and other conditions.

This recipe uses canned pumpkin, which is very low in calories, and is also about 90% water. Not only will this smoothie give you a protein and anti-inflammation boost, but it’s also extremely hydrating.

Pump-kin it up CBD Smoothie

1/2 cup canned pumpkin puree (make sure it is not canned pumpkin pie filling)!
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup preferred milk
1 mL Orange Rise CBD Oil
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice 
1 handful of ice
1 tsp cinnamon
1 banana (optional)

Directions: Combine all ingredients except cinnamon in blender and mix until fully combined. Top with cinnamon and enjoy!  

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